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LYIP Holds Annual Meeting

Attendance in Great Falls on April 19 Critical


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Steve Pust encourages everyone to attend the hearing in Great Falls on April 19.

Lower Yellowstone Irrigation Project held its annual meeting last Friday with the main theme of attending the hearing in Great Falls on April 19th.

Several speakers highlighted how important it is for farmers, business people and the community at large to attend the hearing to demonstrate to Judge Morris how critical reliable irrigation is to the area.

Encouraging farmers to take a break from planting, Steve Pust said that planting will be underway April 19th and that is a priority. But, if irrigation is shut down, farmers won't have to worry about the crop.

Phil Johnson made a passionate plea as a business person with roots in the Yellowstone Valley dating back to 1915. After outlining the harm to the area if irrigation is stopped, Johnson stated, "That is why it is imperative that at least one person from each and every family, every business and every farm in our county make their way to Great Falls on April 19 to make sure that federal judge not only sees us, but feels us."

Fairview farmer Terry Cayko highlighted the importance of the irrigation project from Miles City to Williston and said. "We've got to get out and support this as much as we possibly can." He also suggested that FFA students from Fairview, Sidney and Savage, dressed in their FFA jackets and seated in the front row of the courtroom, would make a powerful statement to the judge. "We also need to sacrifice a day of work, be there ourselves, and make the judge look us in the eye," he said.

Richland County commissioner Duane Mitchell stated that the county has paid for two buses in the past but would pay for four if they could be filled.

Speaker Tanya Rost cited her ranching background and how important it is to fight to preserve your way of life. Attorney Joel Krautter spoke about how important it is to appear in court and the influence that may have on the judge making the decision.

Buses leave for Great Falls at 5:15 a.m. on April 19 from the Richland County Extension building. Everyone is encouraged to make the trip to show support for the farmers and the LYIP.


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