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McKenzie County Sheriff's Office Serves And Protects The Citizens Of McKenzie County


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Pictured left to right Jon Carlson, Zac Corbin, Josh Trevena and Victoria Rootes. (Photo by Kathy Taylor)

The McKenzie County Sheriff's Office utilizes the latest in technology to investigate, deter, and apprehend criminals adequately. They work with other city, state, and federal agencies that operate in the confines of the county to ensure the safety and security of McKenzie County citizens. They provide law enforcement and public safety services to 2,800 square miles including the cities of Alexander, Arnegard, Cartwright, Fairview, Grassy Butte, Keene, Watford City, and a portion of the Fort Berthold Indian Reservation and the north unit of the Theodore Roosevelt National Park.

Currently, four different departments serve the McKenzie County area: Patrol, Dispatch, Administrative, and Investigations.

The Patrol Division is the largest division in the Sheriff's Office and provides many services. This Division takes pride in the day-to-day activities it performs, ensuring that McKenzie County citizens are afforded the "protection and service" they deserve. The Division Commander is Lieutenant Max Matthews-Kasner. When Lieutenant Max Matthews-Kasner was asked what he likes about his job, he responded, "The positive feedback we get gives us a sense of purpose and the amount of positive community interaction and perception of law enforcement is something that we really appreciate in the area."

The Dispatch Division contains emergency communications, professionals who are called upon to ensure the successful transmission of information from callers in distress to responding police personnel. Their work includes providing accurate and timely information to police officers and dispatching the appropriate personnel to emergencies through a communications system within a city or municipal police department.

Pictured left to right K-9 Sheriff Max Ingram and Xillo, Dan Christensen, Noah McCullough and Bryan Nagel. (Photo by Kathy Taylor)

The Administration Division ensures the normal operations of this division are being conducted efficiently and effectively. The division is also tasked with maintaining personnel equipment and records, specialized equipment, grants, civil processes and budgeting, and maintaining the property and evidence room. The Administration division commander is Lieutenant Newman.

The Investigations Division investigates criminal activity that occurs and has an effect on McKenzie County. Several cases that are investigated are those that are reported to the agency through the patrol division and referred to investigators for further follow-up.

Because of all the hard work law enforcement performs, McKenzie County citizens are provided with a safe environment to live, work, and play.


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