Bieber Racing: A Father and Son Duo

Jeff and Justin Bieber, Fairview, are excited to get back out on the race track for the 2021 racing season. When the two are not busy farming and working, they can be found heading to the race track. 

"I love the chance to do something that is more just-for-fun and a chance to kind of blow off steam with Justin. We work a lot on the farm, and this gives us a chance to spend more time together and do stuff that isn't work-related," said Jeff. 

This father and son duo have been racing together for several years. This will be Justin Bieber, Jeff's son, 6th year of racing - he drives the No. 12 car in the IMCA Modified classification. Jeff Bieber started racing in 2017 and races the No. 89 car in the IMCA Sport Mod classification. 

Together the two have raced around the area on tracks in Williston, Dickinson, Minot, Mandan, Jamestown, Fargo, Underwood, ND, and even in Estevan, Canada.

Jeff and Justin got started racing with the help of a friend, Hank Berry. 

"The reason we kind of started was I texted my dad a picture of a race car for sale and we just kind of joked about doing it and then we ended up talking to Hank Berry and he helped get us started," added Justin. 

Jeff explained that Berry has been instrumental in getting the two started. They bought their first race cars from him. 

"We always joked that he was charging us way too much, which allowed us to ask him questions at any time. So we got a lot of help from Hank Berry when we first got involved in the sport and he still helps us to this day - he's been very good to us," said Jeff. 

Since the start of their racing career, the two have continued to share their passion and love for the sport. 

"We've made so many friends at the track and it's kind of different than any competitive thing I've ever been involved with before. Justin rolled his car at the last race of the year and several modified drivers came over and helped him get back out for the feature, so those experiences are pretty cool," added Jeff. 

Justin explained that he enjoys the camaraderie of the racers. He said, "Obviously racing and being on the track is pretty fun but experiencing the camaraderie of the other racers and getting to spend time with my dad is what makes racing so enjoyable."

Union Bank, Double Barrel Saloon, Mehling Spraying Service, Flat Rock Family Partnership, Hurley Farms, Neu's SuperValu, Rae Anne and Kent Klose, Grandpa Jim, Riedle Farms, Big Sky Honey, Crystal Beet Seed, and Pioneer Seeds help sponsor the Biebers. Jeff said, "We really appreciate all of our sponsors. I also appreciate my wife, Jesse, and daughter, Jenna, because without them giving us the time, we would never be able to get to go to the track - they have given up a lot for us to race."

The first races at Williston Basin Speedway is Friday and Saturday, May 7 and 8. For more information, visit


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