Farmer's Choice Expands to Sidney Area

With the Sidney and surrounding communities bereaved of their sugar beet industry, many farmers have looked to corn and soybeans to fill the gap. To soften the learning curve, Farmer's Choice, McClusky, ND, is bringing their expertise in those products to Sidney.

Duane Peters, Sidney, former Sidney Sugars agronomist, will represent Farmer's Choice in Sidney. He wants local farmers to know that "we are here to help". They have purchased the former Trans-Systems building at 1120 E. Main St. and will be open to the public soon. Farmer's Choice is owned by farmers and the seed and products are tested at irrigated farms in North Dakota. Their motto, "We trust it in ours, you can trust it in yours". is something founder Steve Knorr is passionate about. He started Farmer's Choice five years ago with the goal of offering products that were tested and had proven results in the state, rather than continuing a cycle of trying untested products offered by sales staff to experiment in his, and others, crops.

Since starting Farmer's Choice, Knorr has rapidly expanded the business. They offer a range of goods and services. Seed, biologicals, enzymes, sugars, nutritionals, chemical, fertilizer, and expertise in their application to different operations will all be available at their storefront in Sidney. The seed they offer comes from one of the four seed breeding companies left in the world, with Golden Harvest being their most popular brand. As a 5th generation farmer, he brings over 20 years of experience with irrigated corn and beans in North Dakota to the table, and has staffed his company with farmers and agronomists just as dedicated to serving farmers as he is. They are currently seeking to hire several more agronomists for the Sidney location, and look forward to adding their expertise to our agricultural community.


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